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shabrae jackson krieg teaching servant partners


Re-imagining peace and shalom in our communities with Black theologians 

During Black History Month we are centering wisdom from Black theologians to have them shape the way we imagine who God is and how peace and wholeness might look like in our communities.


We are committed as an organization to doing the work of learning from Black theologians, supporting Black authors in getting their ideas out there and having our work, training and spiritual formation formed and informed by voices that have been marginalized historically in the Church, including Black voices.


We hope that it inspires your imagination and action for hopeful community transformation!


“Our theology informs our anthropology, which in turn informs our sociology. That is to say, what we believe about God will tell us what we believe about people, and what we believe about people will tell us what kinds of communities and societies we believe we should strive to create."

- Dr Brenda Salter McNeil, Roadmap to Reconciliation 

Ways to support and learn alongside Black theologians together:

1. Follow along our social media (@servantpartnerscanada) to be inspired by Black theologians’ perspectives on community transformation. Consider supporting their work by purchasing their books! 

2. Send us a book title by a Black author that has been significant to you. We are particularly interested in your recommendations of Canadian Black theologians, but welcome any book suggestion that has been transformative for you. 


3. Contribute to our Book Fund to support Black authors and purchase a recommended book here (please select “Book Donations” fund) or gifting a kindle gift card 


4. Mail us Black-authored books you no longer need to 414 Alexander Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 1C5



Swap books with us and be inspired by Black women community practitioners!  

To encourage your learning from Black community practitioners doing the work of peace and shalom among the margins, we will gladly mail you a copy of our book “Voices Rising: Women of Colour Finding and Restoring Hope in the City” for gifts above $50 or for every two second hand books you share with us. 

Please include your mailing information in your donation, or email us your details at and we'll send a copy your way! 

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