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Our next online cohort meets January 20, 27 + 30th, 2024!

The world’s cities are dramatically expanding, along with the material and spiritual needs of their most marginalized residents. Since 1993, Servant Partners has worked towards holistic transformation in communities around the world.

Learn to engage an under-resourced community by listening to the strengths and groanings of your neighbours and co-create a seed project in response. Join us in a unique 3-day online learning environment and discern how to put into practice the skills learned in your own community!

The CTC is designed for

  • Leaders who desire mutual transformation with marginalized neighbours, instead of adopting a charity model

  • Leaders ready for hands-on learning, co-creating innovative ministry approaches with neighbours

  • Leaders discerning long-term work alongside urban marginalized communities

  • Leaders who are eager and ready to initiate potentially new relationships and want to co-create a small responsive action with those in their marginalized community

Graduates who have completed the program will

Develop and facilitate a community listening project that reveals community assets and "groanings" then

Design and launch a small "seed project" alongside your neighbours.

Practice deep listening (to God, the Community, and Self) as the central posture for effective community transformation through reflection and coaching

Understand the theology of Shalom and the biblical call to urban community transformation through our

9 Signs of a Transforming Community framework

Engage spiritual practices that sustain incarnational community transformation by living out our Vision for Spirituality & Rule of Life

The program is divided into two parts:


  • 2 mandatory online training seminar days to learn the concepts, skills and process for community engagement

  • 1 hour of follow up coaching with our facilitators to determine how and when you will implement the project in your own community.

PART 2: Once you begin your community engagement, we accompany you by offering:

  • 5 sessions of one-on-one coaching with experienced community transformation leaders while you implement your listening and seed project in your community. Coaching sessions are once every 2 weeks.   

  • Monthly Community of Practice online meetings for mutual encouragement, sharing and feedback until your seed project is completed. 


Servant Partners Canada is committed to accessibility.  In the imbalance of this world's economy, people differ greatly in their financial resources through no fault or merit of their own.  We are able to offer this certificate program with coaching (normally $100/session) at a greatly reduced cost to you thanks to the generous support of donors.



The fee to participate in the 2 day workshop is $150 with scholarships available. 


The fee for five coaching sessions and monthly online meetings is $150 with scholarships available.  We anticipate you to be able to complete the certificate program in 2-3 months once you start engaging your community. Having coaching support every two weeks is essential for keeping your momentum and accountability once you start your listening project. Additional coaching beyond five sessions can be negotiated if desired. The coaching support is a consistent highlight for CTC participants.

We do not want finances to be a barrier to your participation! Please email if cost is a barrier. 

Testimonials of past participants

"The program gave me such clarity: I now know how to  start something with a neighbour where there wasn't anything."

Jessica in Colorado

"I began listening to understand my neighbour

and I recognized

that just listening

was serving them in the greatest way I can."

Andrea in Ontario

"I have gained more insight into what holistic transformation entails. Shalom is about the total wellbeing of the poor, not just material or spiritual, but both and more."

Bolaji in California

"Before the CTC I had a hard time applying a missional worldview to my city. This allowed me to see parts of my city I didn't know existed."

 Seth in Colorado

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