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Photo by Steve Kim @iamstevekim


Servant Partners is a movement centred on Jesus, pursuing Creator's vision of making all things whole and restoring all that has been broken by evil, colonial mindsets, racism and greed. We seek God's healing as we pursue our mutual transformation alongside our neighbours in cities throughout the world.

Everyone has something valuable to contribute to see a community transform. Everyone is included. 

We are activists and pastors, community organizers and artists, entrepreneurs and counsellors. Shaped by our different experiences of culture, class and race, we work hard to belong to one another by daily choices to live out our value for discipleship and mutual transformation. Our culture of collaboration is built on our commitment to build trust and serve one another, knowing that the wall of hostility between us has already been torn down. 

Though our staff have diverse life experiences and gifts, we have all been drawn to this movement by the cry for justice that resounds throughout the Scriptures and within our communities. 

We see the impact of faithful, sacrificial followers of Jesus across the globe. In urban communities where fear and hopelessness once reigned, people are encountering the power of God to change their lives. People in marginalized communities are learning the skills they need to support their families, growing in relationship with Jesus in ways that make sense within their own cultures, and forming vibrant new churches with members reaching out to change their own communities.

You have something significant to offer our communities. Join us as we follow the lead of the Holy Spirit releasing captives, recovering sight to the blind and living out truly good news to us all.


We are looking for individuals and organizations who are passionate about breaking the poverty cycle and pursuing reconciliation in their communities.

Are you loving leading in a local church and wondering how you can move towards a posture of "doing with" your neighbours rather than "doing for"? Let's talk!

Are you a follower of Jesus looking for new ways to "be Church?" Are you looking for a community to support your questions or imagination for new spiritual practices that help you love God and your neighbourhood in restorative ways? We want to listen and put those ideas into action with you!

Addressing systemic injustice means that all systems of society need to change to work against poverty and centre the marginalized. There is no end to the ways we can work together to see greater Shalom come!

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Servant Partners will work with you to find a unique role that reflects your passions, talents, and God’s call on your life. As a member of Servant Partners, you can start a new team, join field staff, or help train urban ministers as an Internship staff member.


As part of our Support and Equipping Staff, you can use your gifts in leadership, administration, teaching, training, or pastoring. Staff at Research & Innovation sites have taught English, helped to start new businesses, and trained developing world missionaries. 


Come and see what Jesus is doing at our sites and how you can join the work! Our internships are a place to explore, grow, and discern your unique contribution to build the Kingdom of God.

We mitigate the harm that can come from short-term experiences in our neighbourhoods by linking those efforts to long-term relationships. Our vision is to raise up each new generation of believers to effectively serve, advocate for, and influence the church toward action on behalf of the poor. Some choose to work with us long-term at sites, some choose to do that work in other occupations. Through it all, mutual transformation comes. Come and see!


Photo by Steve Kim @iamstevekim

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Many volunteers have supported our work with their time or professional skills in vital ways. Some help us to plan Servant Partners events, work with our administrative staff, help get out the word through our newsletter, or contribute their business, design, computer, pastoral, or other skills. Our diverse neighbourhoods need a diversity of skills and life experiences to serve effectively. We welcome the unique contribution you only you can bring!

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