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Holding Hands


Healthy spiritual rhythms lay the foundation of connection to Creator for joy, hope and refreshment to sustain our journey alongside the marginalized.

We hope that our resources for spiritual formation can accompany you in seeking God's shalom and justice in your community! 

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Renewal Together: 8 activities to foster Easter renewal in yourself and your neighbourhood

On Easter Sunday we celebrate the miraculous story of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. God is in the business of resurrection, bringing dead things back to life.

While bringing life back from death is beyond our capacity, we can participate in the hope and power of the resurrection through acts of renewal. This is the season to restore, repair, start over and bring freshness in areas that are tired, worn out, and dry.

What might renewal look like within you?

What might renewal in your neighbourhood look like this year?

This resource is intended to encourage you to join God in the renewal of all things throughout the entire season of Easter.

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Becoming a peacemaker in a time of polarization: A Contemplative and Creative Prayer Guide

Lent is a season of spring cleaning for the soul. It's about making space for God to transform what only we can control during a time of polarization - ourselves


Design your own unique contemplative journey with scripture, prayers of saints who have gone before us and ideas to creatively respond. Join us as we take 40 days to listen to the Spirit and let go of all that prevents us from experiencing peace so that we can build peace hand in hand with Jesus.

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Embrace the Sweetness of Shrove Tuesday

Christians around the world often eat pancakes or make other decadent meals tonight to empty your kitchen of foods you are fasting from. If you are looking for a prayerful liturgy to guide you through your dinner tonight, 

download our table liturgy for this evening. 


This dinner liturgy is written for a group of people to read while eating your meal. May it inspire celebration, gratitude and lead you into a fast season that is perfectly suited to your life as a follower of Jesus. 

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Christmas Devotional 2022 cover page.png


Embodied Wonder: 12 days of encountering Emmanuel through body and breath

Join us in lingering over the awe-inspiring concept of the Triune God of Love becoming Emmanuel, "God with Us", in a body! Reconnect with wonder this season through prayer practices that will inspire and refresh your body and spirit for the new year ahead. Revised for Christmas 2023.

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