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Servant Partners will work with you to find a unique role that reflects your passions, talents, and God’s call on your life. Our communities are diverse and multi-cultural. We want to create teams that reflect the beauty of the communities we serve in. We celebrate multiple points of view and strive for all to feel comfortable to bring their authentic selves to their roles. We work hard to create an environment where everyone from any background can offer their best, and in order to do that you must feel included and valued. We provide training, and supportive resource groups to all of our staff; these include cross-site ethnic specific groups, as well cohort spaces to gather staff in a similar "season of ministry".


As a member of Servant Partners staff, you can start a new team in a city, join an existing team, or act as a coach or trainer for Interns or long-term staff. 


As part of our Support and Equipping Staff, you can use your gifts in leadership, spiritual direction, intercession, counselling, administration, teaching, training, graphic design, social media communication or pastoring. Staff at Research & Innovation sites have taught English, helped to start new businesses, and trained local leaders. 

No matter your role, we strive to nurture an environment of inclusion that allows everyone to courageously share their perspective, creatively flourish and grow in emotional resilience. 

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​Servant Partners sends, equips, and trains those who want to share their lives with neighbours in marginalized communities and see those urban neighbourhoods transformed. We emphasize relationships, flexibility, creativity, and risk-taking in ministry. Our value for incarnation requires that we live in or alongside the under-resourced community that we seek to build meaningful relationships with.


For our staff, Servant Partners is not just an employer, but a community of believers with a shared calling to life on life mentoring and a common spirituality through our Rule of Life.


Servant Partners is donor-supported, by individuals, foundations, churches and grants that invest in our roles and projects. Staff fundraise to cover salary and program expenses.


Many of the positions described below can be adapted to fit your availability: full-time or part-time, paid or bi-vocational.


We encourage you to start the conversation by emailing

  • Saskatoon, SK, Canada"
    Contact Person: Katelyn Siggelkow, New Site Team Members: Join the team that is launching a new site in Saskatoon. We are looking for team members who are excited to be part of shaping the vision for the future of Servant Partners Saskatoon. Together, we will participate in community organizing to see the many diverse populations in this community come together around common hopes and longings for our neihgbourhood. A willingness to learn from and listen to the neighbourhood is key to this planting role, and a high level of initiative, creativity, and a "learn as we go" attitude are essential. Mature Christians who understand how the "good news" is good for them and their neighbour will thrive in this role as we pursue healing and transformation alongside our neighbours.
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada"
    Contact person: Joel Kimsey, Vancouver Site Team Member: We are looking for members to join an existing site in Vancouver, BC. Our team is currently working on three priorities: church planting, grassroots community organizing, and (more recently) economic opportunity creation. Our neighbourhood is home to a significant number of new immigrant, refugee, and First Nations (Native American) families. It is a very diverse community and requires an ability to operate in several cultures almost simultaneously. We are looking for additional members to join our work — including (but not limited to) those with interest in the following roles: Social Enterprise Developer: We have an active group of SP team members and neighbours working on initiatives to create income-generating work opportunities for our neighbourhood. We currently run the Strathcona Artisan Market, which aims to be a catalyst for the our low-income neighbours in developing small businesses. We are exploring new opportunities in the area of micro-finance and small business start-up mentorship, as well as social enterprise development. We are looking for individuals interested in working on any of these projects, and particularly someone that might take the lead developer role in creating a neighbourhood social enterprise. Muslim Outreach Worker: Through our work of community engagement and evangelism, we have built a significant network of Muslim friends, many of whom are refugees from Syria. We are looking to move into a more intentional season of engaging Muslim families and individuals in the neighbourhood, and would love to add others to our team as we do so. Internship Coordinator: We run a 20 month internship full of intensive skills training, spiritual formation and discipleship through workshops, coaching, mentoring, volunteering and self-directed learning. We are looking for a team member who can take over the role of coordinating this program. Servant Partners Canada Administrator: Principal Administrator for Servant Partners Canada. Responsible for donor database and maintaining donor relations. Devise and maintain office systems to support executive directors and field staff. Manage and maintain multiple budgets. Implement human resource policies, procedures and practices of the organization. Must be willing to learn Canadian specific laws concerning taxes, employment and other compliance issues.
  • Global and USA based roles available
    View the roles available at the Servant Partners USA site

Servant Partners Canada is an equal opportunity employer and we hire without regard to race, ancestry, national origin, citizenship, age, gender identity, marital status, parental status, political ideology, sexual orientation, neurotype or physical disability of an otherwise qualified individual. As a faith-based organization we exercise our right to only hire candidates who affirm our statement of faith and share our religious commitments.

Roles Saskatoon
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