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Dear Applicant,
Thank you for your interest in applying for a staff position with Servant Partners Canada!
If you are interested in applying for our Internships (20 months) these have separate applications.  Staff & Internship Application and Reference forms can be found on our website
Following is a description of all of the parts of our application process.  We know this application is very in-depth; we pray it would be a blessing to you as a tool of reflection and discernment as you enter into your call follow Jesus among the urban poor.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.  Email us at or call our office at (626) 398-1010.
Application Form
This application is quite extensive. It has 5 separate Google Forms. Please pace yourself accordingly. Please answer all of the questions. If a question does not apply to you, write "N/A" (not applicable) in the space provided.  At the top of each page of the Staff application pages is a link to a document with the questions for each google form. Be prepared to answer all the questions on each form in one sitting. 

Spouses need to complete separate application forms if they are also applying to staff.  If your spouse is not applying, we still encourage a dialogue and process with our Pre-Field Director and Site Leader due to the nature of the mission. 

Overview of Application:

Staff Application Part 1: Introduction & Personal Information & Reference Contact Info
Staff Application Part 2:: Your Family& Education, Training, Employment, & Financial
Staff Application Part 3: Church Information & Doctrine & Ministry Experience & Calling 
Staff Application Part 4: Relationship with God and Others & More About You
Staff Application Part 5: Joining Us in Ministry & Agreements
Addendum for Site Leader Applicants

Confidential References

Confidential References

In addition to submitting this application, all applicants are required to submit five confidential reference forms.

Please forward the links located on the "Staff References" webpage to your references to complete and submit. You will have the best results if you give your references a deadline and if they have at least two weeks to complete it before your deadline. If possible, all of your references (excluding the physician) should have known you for two years. Note: The Physician Reference Form is a downloadable PDF meant to be printed and taken to a physician.

- Pastor and/or Missions Chairperson Reference Form (of your home or sending church)
- Employer Reference Form (your current or most recent employer)
- Friend/Roommate Reference Form (not a relative)
- Staff Worker or Friend Reference Form (If you are a recent graduate, a staff member of your seminary, Christian  college, or campus fellowship. If not, please give your fourth reference to a second close personal friend who is not a relative.)
- Physician Reference Form (Please fill in Part A of the form and then have your physician complete Part B. If you have had a physical examination within the last year, you do not need to have another one. Send the medical form to the doctor who performed the physical and ask him/her to complete it according to his/her records.)

Interview Process
As soon as we receive your application, it will be reviewed by our Candidate Discernment Team (CDT). Please allow three to four weeks for a response to your application, at which time the discernment team will indicate whether we would like you to progress to the next step of discernment with us, including contacting your references, an in-person interview, and a standard pre-field psychological evaluation. 

In-Person Interview – The in-person interview allows us to get to know one another in person.  Servant Partners’ Pre-Field Director will contact you to set up the date and time of your interview

Psychological Review – This evaluation is conducted through a partnership with Campion, Barrow and Associates (CBA). The results of this evaluation are confidential and are reviewed only by the staff candidate themselves, the members of the Candidate Discernment Team (CDT), and prospective Site Leaders.  The cost of this in-depth review is $550.  Servant Partners will initially cover the cost of this review, but if accepted onto staff, you will need to fund-raise this cost as part of your support.  If you are not accepted onto staff, you will incur no costs for this review.

Next Steps
After we are able to talk to you in person, hear from all your references and receive the results from the psychological evaluation, the CDT will make a decision concerning your acceptance into Servant Partners.  If you are accepted to Servant Partners staff, you will then begin the process for acceptance onto a specific Servant Partners team.  *Note:  Please be aware that it can take several months to schedule, complete, and receive results for the psychological evaluation, so it is important for the candidate to schedule with CBA as
soon as you receive the contact information from the Pre-Field Director.

If you have not already decided on a site, the discernment team will help you to find the best fit for your call and gifts and the mission.  If you are already in conversation with a team, you will begin confirming your placement with them, as well as the timing of your arrival after attending the yearly-held and mandatory Global Urban Training School.
You will also need to complete the following prior to your acceptance onto a Servant Partners Team.
- Staff Packet – This packet is required for legal and administrative purposes and is mandatory for all new staff candidates.
- Fund Raising Training – This training is conducted periodically throughout the year, as well as on individual basis and is mandatory for all new staff candidates.
- GUTS Application – All staff are required to attend our Global Urban Training School. Ideally, you will go through this training immediately preceding your departure for the field.
- Site Visit/Site Leader Interview – If you have not had substantial contact with the Site Leader of the team you hope to join, you will need to arrange a time to interview with your Site Leader, which may require you to visit the city/site.
After acceptance onto a team, the Pre-Field Director, your Site Leader and you will determine the necessary preparation and training (e.g. GUTS, language school, classes, etc.), budget, funding and ministry plan for your first term. The Pre-Field Department will also partner with you to create a development plan for your time before going to the field.  The length of time required for preparations and fund raising depends upon your situation and the requirements of your specific site. 
Contact Information
Servant Partners ∙ P.O. Box 3144, Pomona, CA 91769
Telephone: (626) 398-1010 ∙ Fax: (626) 398-1028
We look forward to getting to know you better through this process!  If you have questions or would like more information, please contact our team at or call (626) 398-1010.  

STAFF App Intro
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