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Staff App Ref

Confidential Reference Forms:

  • If possible, all of your references should have known you for two years.

    • Either instruct your references to this page or copy and send the appropriate link to your references.

    • References should be:
      • A (current or former) roommate

      • A (current or former) employer

      • The staff worker of your fellowship OR a pastor/missions chairperson of your home church


    • You will have best results if you give your references a requested deadline and if they have at least 2 weeks to complete it before your deadline.

  • We suggest emailing your references the following information:

    • Your references should complete the forms and submit them in one sitting.

    • The list of questions:

      • Applicant's full name, email address, and date of birth - to easily identify the reference form and applicant.

      • What is the nature of you relationship with the applicant?

      • How long have you known the applicant?

      • What is your favourite aspect of the applicant?

      • Briefly evaluate (comment on) the candidate in the following areas: maturity/character, communication skills, community life, cross-cultural relationships/mission, relationship to those in authority roles, ability to lead, and emotional sturdiness.

      • Please list (and briefly comment) on five strengths and two weaknesses of the candidate. (This could be spiritually, emotionally, etc.)

      • *Not on the Employer Reference Form* Are there any areas of Christian Orthodoxy that the applicant is currently (or recently past) wrestling with?

      • Based on your knowledge of the applicant, how will this internship add to and deepen his/her growth?

      • Anything else you would like to share or comment on?

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