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Servant Partners Internships develop emerging leaders to journey effectively alongside their neighbours in the most under-resourced communities.

At this time, our internships for 2023 are only offered through our US and global sites. Go here to read up on the opportunities ahead!


Interns live in under-resourced communities,

learn alongside their neighbours about justice 

and seek God and Shalom together

in order to discern a call to ministry in marginalized communities.

Do you want to be a part of the exciting work that God is doing in urban poor communities, but aren’t sure where to begin?


In our short term internships, you have a unique opportunity to step into the world of the urban poor, to experience their day to day realities, and ask God to show you how you can make a significant contribution.

Are you seeking deeper experience with the urban poor, and want to gain the skills and know-how to minister effectively?

The Canadian internship is for anyone looking for a comprehensive discernment tool to gain experience and prepare you for long-term ministry among the urban poor. You can live​ and serve among our neighbour​s in order to personally understand the complex struggles and assets in a rapidly gentrifying and culturally diverse neighbourhood. 


Through training workshops, inductive Bible study, coaching and mentoring, you will deepen in your knowledge of God’s heart for the poor and gain the skills of church planting, organizing and developing leaders. You will be encouraged to grow in character, pursue healing, and to develop your spiritual gifts as you invest in your neighbours. Each intern class will also be spending 2 months i​n ​South Asia in order to gain international experience among the poor​, and experience the initial work of determining where a site could establish itself long-term as well as language and culture learning. ​Interns who are ready to take initiative and responsibility for their learning process thrive at our site.

Internship FAQ
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