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Anna Block

Anna Block

Working with Servant Partners, I believe that Jesus lives-and loves-in the margins. I am so excited to continue to discover him alongside my neighbours!

As a site staff in Saskatoon I love engaging with children and families in my neighbourhood. I believe that God cares so much more about our heart journeys than He does about programs and conversions. I love seeing evidence of how patient He is with all of us, and how deep His faithfulness is. God reveals Himself to me through my neighbours, and shows me that more often than not they are the ones with something important to teach me. God encourages me to use the gifts He has given me to encourage and support my neighbours in speaking up and challenging the injustices that they face. God cares about the individuals in my community, and He continues to show me that His shalom takes more time, is more complex, and is more complete than anything I could have envisioned.

By investing in the Saskatoon Site, and me in particular, you are investing in transformation. Transformation beyond anything humans could come up with. A transformation that touches and spreads to everyone involved. God is the God of restoration, and He has called us as a Servant Partners team to bear witness to the restoration He is doing in a population often forgotten and dismissed.

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