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Katelyn Siggelkow

Katelyn Siggelkow

As the Site Leader for Saskatoon, I am forming and guiding a team to pursue the holistic wellbeing of the Westside of Saskatoon alongside our neighbours here!

Convinced of the hope that God is stirring up in an often overlooked community in Saskatoon, I eagerly returned to the city that I love in 2018. This move came after learning and working with Vancouver’s Servant Partners’ team for four life-defining years.

In Saskatoon, I am using my gifts of connecting to build meaningful relationships with neighbours, local organizations and a growing team of shalom-seekers. I am using my gifts of listening, imagining and implementing to catalyze new initiates with neighbours. Knowing that transformation starts from within the community, it brings me joy to see my friends here generously leveraging their gifts, capacity and unique stories on behalf of the wellbeing of the community. I also enjoy many opportunities to invite local churches, organizations and friends into the vision of Shalom for Saskatoon.

By investing in our work in Saskatoon, you are investing in the message that voices so often suppressed by poverty, trauma, and racial injustice, matter! They matter to God and are necessary for the flourishing of our community. You are investing in the good news that God is still in the business of reconciliation, of moving us towards right relationship with one another through the loving care of our Creator.

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