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Krista-Dawn & Joel Kimsey

Krista-Dawn & Joel Kimsey

We are the Executive Directors of Servant Partners Canada. We encourage and steward the vision and direction of this movement.

Krista-Dawn and Joel's roles as Canadian founders have varied widely over the years. We set the strategic goals and objectives in collaboration with the board and staff. We provide leadership, life-on-life mentoring and training, ensuring appropriate support for all departments and staff. As the Vancouver site leader, Joel oversees local projects and day to day management of Vancouver site staff.


We also participate in many teams with SP USA. Krista-Dawn's role on the Learning and Collaboration team allows her to create and facilitate training materials as well as offer personal coaching to equip staff at all sites around the world.


All staff including the Executive Directors fundraise their personal salary budgets. Your investment in our roles allow us to invest deeply in the future of all Canadian sites as well as enabling staff around the world to serve with with greater impact.

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