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Awakening Shalom Through the Community Transformation Program

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

This season we have the pleasure of walking alongside ten individuals all across North America in their desire to learn how to best engage their local communities for transformation.

Our sessions employ interactive methods of engagement, including this treasure hunt where participants find symbols of shalom and transformation in their homes!

The Community Transformation Certificate (CTC) is a 12-week course that provides not only the theory but also practical support in developing a listening-and-seed project that engages a local community in one of the 9 Signs of Transforming Communities. A core support that we offer each participant is a 1-on-1 life coach who listens and helps create action steps towards desired meaningful and realistic outcomes.

Can you imagine what impact your faith community would have if every individual took on a learning posture, inviting input and accountability to engage their neighbourhoods for communal thriving?

As participants learn to prayerfully map their community assets and gaps, looking for how God might be inviting them to build mutually transformative relationships with like-minded neighbours for community change, we are hopeful and expectant for the seed projects that will be born of these small acts of faith and courage.

“What are the groanings of different members of my community, and what are the signs of the Holy Spirit reacting to the groanings of my community?” - I., CTC participant

Will you join us in praying over our Spring cohort as they engage the people on the margins in their cities?

Some have leaned into the needs and assets of their neighbours living in social housing, some are extending welcome to new immigrants, and some alongside First Nations communities.

Blessed are the peacemakers and blessings to those who would seek shalom in the places where God has planted them!

Is intentional training and coaching around community transformation on the margins something that intrigues you? Learn more about our Community Transformation Certificate here!

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