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Boung, A Faithful Friend

One of our SP staff in Bangkok, Kyle, tells of a friend who has cared so well for children in a local slum community.

Over three years ago, Boung and a few other friends of ours began a small homework club in Potong, the first neighborhood I lived in. Boung was a friend from church, and she was looking for a way to be a blessing to kids in my community. At first, she was a bit uncomfortable with the dark alleys and the giant roaches, but she continued to come back week after week. Boung was also a part of a small discipleship group I lead as we explored God's word and God's calling to love the poor and to seek his Kingdom in Thailand. Even today, Boung continues to faithfully visit and encourage the kids in this community.

She has been an integral part of connecting these kids with a loving and supportive church community. Just the other day, she shared with me what keeps her coming back: "At first, I worried a lot. I didn't feel prepared, I didn't have many teaching materials, and I didn't have a team of volunteers like before, but my heart was still here in Potong. So I kept coming back. I came to be a friend to these kids. I pray that they will know Jesus, and I want them to know that they are full of potential. At first, I was so stressed about why they would behave the way they did, but I began to learn to let them be who they are and to let God use them in how He made them."

Praise God for the faithful friend and servant Boung has been in the lives of these children. Pray for her as she continues to learn how to love these kids and encourage them as they grow to love Jesus. Pray for her also as she encourages these kids to continue in school, because they are approaching the age where most kids begin to drop out.

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