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Creating Community through Relationship One Car at a Time

Nic, SP Staff in Oakland, CA, shares about how one good friendship and an auto center opened up a new world of relationships in the neighborhood.

Thanks to our good friend Tane who opened an auto shop on our block, we have had the opportunity to engage the neighborhood in all kinds of new ways. We've been in relationship with Tane for many years. His story is truly remarkable. After working at an auto dealership for 12 years, he decided to purchase a local shop and start his own business, right on our block! Of course, he named it "Community Auto Center."

His vision: creating community through relationship one car at a time. Not only does he offer quality, honest work, he wants to bless the community by offering the shop lot for people to use it for various purposes. We've already had a car wash fundraiser and two community events with local vendors selling a variety of foods (Cambodian, Salvadoran, Mexican, Soul, Vietnamese, and more). Yum!

Tane has also spontaneously begun a weekly support group with one of his customers that Jefferson & Nic attend as well.

Pray for Tane's new business venture and his greater vision to build community on his block.

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