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Empowering Local Youth Leaders in Saskatoon

Our Saskatoon team is excited to hire two new team members from the community for the summer!

Kendal and Ehdothaw are part of the Indigenous and Karen community respectively who both grew up in the Westside neighbourhood where our team serves.

Their roles include supporting our work at the HFAN drop in center and among kids in the community. We love the contagious energy and passion they bring to invest deeply in the community they call home!

servant partners saskatoon leadership development youth indigenous karen
Our Saskatoon team is summer-ready! Katelyn, Kendal, Ehdohthaw, Sarah, Kathleen, Angela (L-R clockwise)

"Growing up in this type of neighbourhood, I received a lot of hope when people like Servant Partners generously gave their time to get to know me and help. Now working with them, it makes me feel like I get to give that same hope! It's a very rewarding experience that allows me to help those in need!" - Kendal, Indigenous youth leader

Why develop local leaders?

One of our core strategies for neighbourhood transformation is developing local leaders: we invest and amplify our neighbour's God-given capacity and vision for personal and communal thriving. Our desire in is to invest in local leadership, trusting the wisdom and experience of the community to catalyze positive and lasting change.

We take on the lens of asset-based community development, believing God has already been raising up leaders in the local community to bring His shalom. Most of our staff are relocators to the community, and we take on a posture of learning, coaching, support to journey with budding local leaders like Kendal and Ehdohthaw.

community transformation organizing saskatoon westside
Endohthaw facilitating a community event last summer
"I'm excited to work in the community I grew up in because I feel that giving back is important, and hopefully the kids next in line will do the same." -Ehdohthaw, Karen youth leader

We are delighted that the community will get to receive from these young men as they grow in their gifts and leadership here!

Pray with us for Ehdohthaw and Kendal as they take on the mantle of leadership in their communities this summer, and that God would bring joy and shalom in their lives as they seek the shalom of their neighbourhood through their presence, gifts and passions.

If you would like to learn more about or support the work of our Saskatoon team, please visit their team page or reach out to Site Leader Katelyn at

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