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Casa de Oración, A House of Prayer

How the Spirit led Suzy McCall, SP staff in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, to transform a brothel into a House of Prayer.

Our ministry has been working holistically in the large, inner-city neighborhood of Flor del Campo in Tegucigalpa, Honduras since 2000.  There is plenty to do as we combat unemployment, poverty, gang violence, widespread extortion, and hopelessness.  We have a school, daycare, micro-finance program, safe house, and children's home, all undergirded by a firm faith in God 's limitless grace made manifest in Christ Jesus.

Thy kingdom come.

In May of this year, many of us were gathered at a church in Flor for the wake of the father of one of our ministry workers. He had been murdered, a common crime in Honduras that almost always goes unpunished. We said final prayers then got into our vehicles for the caravan to the graveyard.  As we were slowly driving down the main drag of Flor, I saw a “For Rent” sign on a small, green house that I remembered was once a bar and brothel.  

A voice, unmistakably the Holy Spirit, said, "Rent that house.”

I did not know why God wanted that house, but I was certain He did, so phone calls were made, and a contract was signed.

I was very surprised by the excitement evoked in the community as we began to paint, to clean, and to restore the house.  I soon felt that the house was meant to be a place for prayer, for listening to people's stories, and for coming alongside with spiritual encouragement and friendship.

So that's all we do!  We make a big pot of coffee, open the door, and receive with God's love and hope the men, women and children He sends.  We worship, share devotionals and Scriptures, invite folks to share their burdens, and pray, pray, pray. 

There are no employees, programs, or cash offerings. We all keep the house clean and colorful, and we bring to it ourselves as followers of Jesus.  We are usually a small group who facilitate the careful, sympathetic listening that often opens a way to hope.

It would be wonderful for every neighborhood in the world to have a House of Prayer; not a church or ministry with a set doctrine or agenda, just a safe, welcoming place that has been offered to Jesus and His people. 

Simplicity, love, holiness.  

The Presence of Christ.  


📷: Lynne Klosik

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