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Official Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

Originally posted May 31, 2020

On this Pentecost Sunday, a day where the presence of the Holy Spirit is marked by fire and air, we bear witness to those same elements present in cities across turtle island this past week. We join with those who mourn and are enraged because of the air denied to George Floyd. We stand alongside the passionate fire of the non-violent protestors in Toronto yesterday demanding justice for Regis Korchiniski-Paquet's death.

Today, we gasp for the wind of the Spirit that will cleanse us of our complicity in the systems created by patriarchal white supremacy. For our own country as well as the United States, we pray that the fire of the Spirit would sear through police brutality, racial supremacy and systemic sin. we stand with our brothers and sisters around Turtle Island demanding justice to come to our cities. Our staff bear witness to Canadian stories of police brutality and displacement of people from Indigenous land. We also commit to doing the hopeful work of building Shalom where we live. Holy Spirit, bring your comfort where pain and rage are burning. Bring your hope for those who can't breathe under the weight of white supremacy. We pray for the Spirit's fire to embolden us to speak against our own racist policing, politics and practices. we ask that you would join us in asking the Spirit to burn away everything that prevents the Church from living into the reconciliation Creator intended through the Spirit's powerful presence on Pentecost.

In solidarity,

Joel and Krista-Dawn Kimsey

co-Executive Directors

SP Canada

on behalf of all of our staff

Originally posted May 31, 2020

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