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OVER THE NEXT FEW YEARS, we plan to add many new staff in order to grow Servant Partners ministries in urban poor communities around the world. Many of these staff will be under-resourced, meaning they do not have an extensive network of family and friends who can contribute to their ministry. Local leaders and staff with similar life experiences and cultural backgrounds are the most effective at catalyzing change in our neighbourhoods. 

We believe a strong network of prayer and financial supporters is crucial to long-term effectiveness in urban poor communities. We must have a fund to invest in their ideas for transformation.


  • Supplies resources for under-resourced staff to develop their own networks

  • Assists local leaders in joining staff through paid short-term contracts

  • Matching grants for long-term roles

  • Creating access to training on spiritual formation, project leadership, and leadership development

  • Provides spiritual and emotional support needs for local leaders

  • Assists with costs related to retreats and fund development

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SCF Story 1.webp
Catalyzing Local Leaders for Sustainable Ministry

San Jose, California

Read how the Staff Catalyst Fund has empowered Annabel Levya to minister in the same community she grew up in

SCF 2.webp
Removing the Limits of Urban Ministry

Mexico City, Mexico

Read how the Staff Catalyst Fund impacted Philip Ndoro's beliefs and strategies around support-building

Would you consider giving to help our under-resourced staff build a network of prayer and financial supporters that will grow with them over many years and equip them to serve effectively in their community?
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