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Right relations between settlers and Indigenous Peoples

We are committed to hold ourselves accountable and seek to uphold the 94 calls to action as outlined by the Truth and Reconciliation Committee wherever we are able to do so.

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Equity and Anti-racist policy

We recognize the human construct of racism as the basis of so much of the injustice in Canada and throughout the world. We believe in the power of the cross to destroy the dividing wall of hostility between any groups, and lead us towards shalom. Therefore we live in hope, committed to taking action against racial hatred,  systemic racism, and the oppression of marginalized groups in our neighbourhoods. We are committed to work to reform inequitable systems and imagine new alternatives when reform will not bring justice effectively. We strive to make every effort and take deliberate action to provide equitable opportunities for all people on an individual and systemic level to participate in community change.


Within our organization we are committed to regularly examining our actions and structures to determine which are aligning with equity and justice, and which are preventing us from pursing shalom and reconciliation within our staff teams and alongside our neighbours. We address white supremacy and all forms of bias within our lives and structures as we become aware of them. As an organization founded by a white couple, we strive to address white privilege in our organizational culture as well as in the way we love our neighbours. But we recognize that working under white leadership isn't for everyone. 

For our commitment to diversity and inclusion in our hiring practices, go to our staff page.

Diversity and Inclusive Partnerships

Everyone brings something valuable to contribute. Our communities are diverse and multi-cultural. In order to live our values of incarnation and servanthood we create teams that reflect the beauty of the diverse communities they live and serve in.  We want to nurture respectful relationships, deepening our cultural humility and intelligence. 

In order for an entire community to be transformed, everyone must play a part: businesses, non-profits, faith communities, government and individuals. Community transformation requires us to organize alongside other organizations, network with others, share great ideas and form partnerships with everyone interested in holistic transformation. You do not need to believe the same things we do in order for us to work together for greater shalom. Tell us about the world you live in and how you'd like to offer your strengths to break the web of poverty in your community. 

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Gender Equity and Women in Leadership

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