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Huan Ricki Chen

Huan Ricki Chen

Passionate about discipleship, ethnic identity healing journeys and economic development. I am currently 'working on' my sabbatical rest.

I have had the privilege of witnessing to how God has called people to pursue shalom (peace and reconciliation) through the work of Servant Partners since 2012. Partnering with local churches, pursuing grassroots community development projects, and leading interns, I have worn many hats during my season of ministry.


Some of the highlights have been participating as a pioneering team member for the Strathcona Artisan Market, a small business incubator market project, learning how to do live out the words and work of Jesus as a church body through our church planting partnerships, and helping interns discern their callings to live and work in urban poor neighbourhoods.


During my year of sabbatical, I have the privilege of resting, healing and discerning my future leadership role with Servant Partners, as well as pursuing some additional equipping. I recently completed a certification of Life Coaching that I hope to apply to the work of discipleship and evangelism in our ministry setting, and multiply our impact in fostering growth and community transformation.

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