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Mujeres de Shalom

Beauty, SP staff in Nicaragua, launched Mujeres de Shalom in the autumn of 2015 with eighteen women. This group has grown to thirty-five women over the last year and a half, and is impacting over 150 people annually. Beauty tells her story below:

Transforming Families through Integral Women

Our motto in Mujeres de Shalom is 'Transforming Families through Integral Women'. In October 2015, the eighteen women shared their expectations and committed themselves to attend meetings once every two weeks. We have been amazed at what God has done since then! 

We have had workshops on domestic violence, health (mental/psychological/emotional/physical), and workshops on personal development including self-esteem and conflict resolution. We have preached the Gospel and have eight ladies that have come to know Christ! Through Mujeres de Shalom, we have two Bible study groups, Club de Ahorro (Savings Group) with ten women, and four micro-businesses going through improvement. We are working on one of the themes they asked for from their first meeting in October 2015: Economic Empowerment/Development.

Pray for entrepreneurs with innovative and creative skills and ability. We have women that are already running small businesses. Some women know their business ideas and others do not have any ideas, but want to start a business. We desire to go though training on how to generate a business idea for those who do not have one. Please pray that these women end up with a feasible and viable business idea. Please pray that the Love of God may be revealed to each one in a personal way, and that they may continue to grow in their love for each other.

To learn more about this transformative ministry, read Beauty Ndoro's facilitator's guide: Healing the Soul: Emotional Recovery for Hurting People

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